Saturday, July 05, 2008

Doctor Who?

Tonight, the last episode of this series of Doctor Who is broadcast. Will the Doctor really regenerate? How will Donna die? Will Rose be banished back to her alternative universe? Does any of this actually matter?

Whatever, the resolution of tonight's storyline - and I suspect they'll somehow twist it to hold something across for the Christmas special - I'll be in Portstewart, away from a TV, and unlikely to be watching at 6.40pm.

So if you're feeling naughty, you can make up an alternative ending and post it in a comment. But just try not to post any *real* spoilers until I get back on Monday.


Niall J Hewitt said...

I keep thinking the Master will turn up. The rhythm beeped out by the sub-wave network was the same as his Archangel satellites, and Davros was drumming it out with his metal fingers too.

The way the UNIT general was talking about the Osterhagen Key - "use it if you can't find the Doctor" - means maybe it's their backup Time Lord? The Key can resurrect the Master, perhaps.

Complete speculation, but fun!

Dan Sullivan said...

I suspect they could bring back Eccleston as a one off, they are out of phase with real time remember