Friday, July 04, 2008

M1 Underpass

I drove across to Lisburn this morning. Heading down May Street, along the back of the City Hall, past Jurys, and towards the Royal. The left turn has been restored for a while.

Slipped onto the West Link, past the side of the Royal Hospital complex, down towards Broadway, and past the back of the Boucher Road shops ...

Hang on, no roundabout? No nurse's flats? No shopping centre?

BBC news article - Stephen O'Kane captured the free flowing traffic through Broadway

The new underpass opened this morning, meaning that if you're heading south, there's no longer any need to stop at the lights in order to circumnavigate the Broadway roundabout. No. It's now plain sailing, dipping into a tunnel under the roundabout - and under the huge flower that has yet to be erected - and on towards Lisburn.

And when the roadworks are finished and the speed restrictions are lifted, it should make a huge difference to journey times.

(Related aside - interesting comment on the radio recently about the level of air pollution around motorways. Widening the number of lanes often reduces the pollution, as you want to avoid cars sitting in queues, and want to keep them moving. So spreading them out, and keeping the majority moving along and not waiting behind congested sliproads is actually a good thing. An argument *for* building more roads!)


Timothy F****S said...

Sounds like a great improvement; it'd be a bit churlish to say that's it's long overdue.

Could we have one at Tillysburn too please? :-)


beano said...

Tis a great improvement. I can now take the Westlink home from work (I live at one end and work at the other, pretty much).

During the work I could be sitting there for half an hour or more on a bad night - I ended up going through town instead because it frustrated me that much. Since it reopened I only used it in that direction twice (the other way in the morning is always fine) and it's been great. Don't tell anyone though, they might clog it up again FFS!

Daniel Jewesbury said...

alan, the big flower ain't happening any more. apparently the price of steel has made it impossible. the city council has readvertised...