Sunday, August 24, 2008

Airport living chef can't keep away ... now jailed

I’ve had a Google Alert following the story of Anthony Delaney for months now. And I’ve mentioned him on AiB before.

He’s the unemployed chef who has been living in Gatwick’s South Terminal and has repeatedly broken the ASBO that bans him from the airport and its train station. While the airport bylaws banned him in 2005, it was the criminal convictions for “stealing from airport shops and passengers, which led to [the] ASBO”.

The sad news is that he’s back in jail, having been picked up “within a few hours of being released from custody” the last time. The Guardian reports last week that his defense lawyer told the court that

Delaney had found a room in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, but became homeless again as a result of a complication with housing benefit. He had been for two job interviews.

Delaney was trapped in a "vicious circle" of unemployment and homelessness but accepted he should stay away from the airport ...

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Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed, I heard it on the radio 4 news the other day. Poor Mr Delaney; deserved a medal for living in an airport. A few hours is enough for me.