Monday, August 25, 2008

Belfast Apple store ... more shots to satisfy the curious

Belfast Apple Store - icon

Update - review of the opening.

Update - opens Saturday 20 September at 9am

Posting photographs of the under-construction Belfast Apple Store feels like some kind of online pornography. But here's a shot of the Apple logo to satisfy the hundreds of folk who hit this blog looking for news. Nearly puts me in the mood for joining the queue when it does eventually open!

With shop staff returning from working in English stores and holed up in a Belfast hotel this week, it couldn't be too long before the glass doors open and people are able to float up the glass staircase to hang up in Belfast's very own iStore. My money's on the first week of September.


McGrathy said...

Cheeky pic of the half-rippened store there Alan. A good friend of mine has been added to the Apple staff list, but only began training last week. I think the 'Geniuses' were off brushing up their skills a few weeks back but the rest of the team are only just starting.

If I were a betting man, I'd say mid September for the official launch.


P.S. Cheers for the encouragement!

curlybap said...

Walked past the store today: they've covered all the glass with black wood, and it has a bizarre box sticking out in the middle quite high up, just the right size to cover, say, a large Apple logo.


Here's hoping for a Saturday opening, I'll not be able to go during the week...

Anonymous said...

Bah, I'm going away mid September, it'd better open before then...


We where there this morning and it was welcomed sight to Northern Ireland. There was great banter in the queue as we hung other with our Apple enthusiasts.

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