Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can you tell what it is yet ... Sheffield?

I spent yesterday working in Sheffield. After the two and a bit hour journey up from Gloucester, it was a pleasure to walk up through the town from the station to the building I needed to get to.

I've no idea what the building is, or will be. But it was quite spectacular to walk past.

Maybe someone with local knowledge can leave a comment to explain!


Anonymous said...

Really interesting structure:) Never been there as well. Someone please enlighten me as well.

Niall said...

Is that just down from the Novotel, where the old registrar office used to be? Probably not - been a while (well, a month) since I've been in Sheffield, and only up to Rockingham Street / Charter Sq from the train station :)

Absolutely no idea what it is, tho ... doesn't look like it'd be nice to be inside!

olli said...

It's a multi-story car park:

Anonymous said...

Olli's right, it's a new car park and it is just down from the Novotel. There's another one that's further down as a new car park for The Moor only, it doesn't look as strange.