Monday, September 01, 2008

Can you tell what [day of the week] it is yet?

Fifty year calendar gizmo on top of a notebook

Clearing out some old junk stuff in work, I came across a fifty year calendar. With one of these and an empty notebook, you could make yourself a diary!

You simply match the month up to the year at the top, and then the days of the week will correspond to the dates below. And by the time you’ve done that, you’ll have launched Outlook, done a Ctrl-Shift-A to make a new appointment, typed in the date, and it’ll have come back with the day ...

Close up of a fifty year calendar


d@\/ e said...

I reckon in 2067 that might be worth some money :-)

Russell McQuillan said...

That looks like a pretty cool thing to have laying about, keep it for the grand kids i think!

Anonymous said...

Limited life expectancy [only 50 years]. But compare that with how long a piece of software lasts or how often you upgrade/replace a computer. Then think how much the PC/Raspeberry/iThingy and software costs, how often is it likely to breakdown and how often will the manual version fail to work.

Quill, inkpot and parchment every day for me. Far more reliable.