Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oranges ... a particularly fun animation

Having spent a week this summer encouraging teenagers to pour their creative talents into animation (and accidentally what nearly became some kind of time-lapse festival) I'm blown away by the Brian Houston video for his new release Oranges.

At some stage I'll have to stop watching the pictures and start to listen to the music.

(via The Pink World of Ally)

A little research - ie, watching to the end credits - shows that it was designed and produced by the very talented people at White Noise, near Belfast City airport.


David Lowry said...

i like it.
check out their Red Sirus video on the portfolio page too. its nice.

John Self said...

Very good. Strictly speaking it's not animation though, is it? It's a live recording of a sort of marionette show!

supersimbo said...

i like this, part of me wants to like Brian but its impossible for me to be 'down' with an ego that size from these shores...................he could huge if he wasnt so huge

animation course said...

very fun video