Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lisburn NCP parking machine failure (update - or not!)

Erroneous pay and display parking ticket

Parking in Bachelors Walk for a birthday dinner in Uno's Italian Restaurant, I realised that there was another 45 minutes before the parking restrictions would end and the Traffic Wardens Attendants would go off duty.

Putting money into the nearby parking meter - it's marked #23 if DRD, Roads Service or NCP Services are reading - I suddenly noticed that the expiry time wasn't incrementing towards 6pm.

Instead, it thought the time was already the next morning ... no answer from the phone number marked on the ticket machine and the tickets. It just rang and rang and rang. No answering machine. Pity that NCP don't man their office to match the ticketing times.

You can catch a quick review of Uno's on Lookaly.

Update - turns out that if you overpay - which is inevitable as you pay in 15 minute increments, once the time goes beyond the 6pm cut off, the ticket and machine roll over and display the time that charging starts the next morning.

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Jess said...

Uno's has crayons?! COOL!