Friday, May 01, 2009

Spirit of Belfast - coming to a Cornmarket near you

Back in November 2007, the steel squiggle Spirit of Belfast came top in the public poll to chose which piece of public art should adorn the space in Belfast’s Cornmarket Arthur Square.

Since the announcement, the pedestrian area has been paved, Victoria Square has opened, the pedestrian area has been thoroughly dug up … but another set of streets has commenced.

Preparations for the Spirit of Belfast

In front of Carphone Warehouse, in the spot where the bandstand used to be, they’re making preparations for Dan George’s sculpture to be erected. In case you’ve forgotten ...

Spirit of Belfast - four curved stainless steel squiggles, complete with “a ribbon of light provided by very energy-efficient light emitting diodes” whose “intensity, color [sic] and movement will be programmed as called for by events, the time of day ... or special celebrations within the city”. It intends to become “the hearth of our city centre”, drawing people to its interactivity as it weaves together steel and reminds of us of the fabric (linen) of our history.

Update - September 2009 - It's finally being installed.

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