Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Torchwood season :: 1-10 July

Never mind creation and dinosaurs, Torchwood is back!

BBC Promotional image for 2009 Torchwood season

There was an interview with Russell T Davies about Doctor Who and Torchwood on Front Row last night. And for three days this week, Radio 4’s Afternoon Play (14:15-15:00) is running a sequence of 45 minute dramas featuring the regular cast.

  • Wednesday 1 - The Torchwood team investigate after a strange teenage girl is arrested (Anita Sullivan)
  • Thursday 2 - The Torchwood team go to Delhi on the trail of a dangerous energy field (James Goss)
  • Friday 3 - Torchwood investigate when people start falling into coma -like trances (Phil Ford)

Update - the R4 plays are available to download as mono MP3s for three days after broadcast - easier to listen to on your MP3 player than online ... and there's a how-they-recorded-it post on the Radio 4 blog.

And then next week, Torchwood is striped across BBC One and BBC HD from Monday to Friday at 9pm (and repeated at 23:45 on BBC Three, 00:15 on Friday). The story arc follows is summed up in the press pack:

An ordinary day becomes a world of terror, as every single child in the world stops. A message is sent to all the governments of Earth: “We are coming”.

But as a trap closes around Captain Jack, sins of the past are returning, as long-forgotten events from 1965 threaten to reveal an awful truth.

Torchwood are forced underground, as the government takes swift and brutal action. With members of the team being hunted down, Britain risks becoming a rogue state, with the mysterious and powerful 456 drawing ever closer.

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CW said...

A bit of a rip-of of The midwich Cuckoos/Village of the Damned to be blunt. Don't like Barrowman either. He's basically a tall gay version of the equally reprehensible Tom Cruise.
It's about time we had some decent, gritty sci-fi on TV in the mould of Wyndham/Quatermass/Edge of Darkness/Pertwee-era Dr Who instead of bollocks like Torchwood and Primeval. Although I hear there's a new version of Day of the Triffids is coming out. Not sure why the BBC felt the need to re-make, particularly since the 1981 version was so good.