Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Barnbrack reforming - the band, not the bread

Barnbrack CD cover

Everyone's reforming. I blame Luther!

And now it's the turn of Belfast folk group Barnbrack.

I've fond memories of going along to the Arts Theatre to hear them work through a familiar set of songs including Belfast, Mickey Marley's Roundabout, Shhht the Fly and an irritatingly catchy Alphabet Song (interspersed with nursery rhymes.

(For those who weren't around to remember, the Arts Theatre was run by Belfast City Council and was across the road from the entrance to Botanic Station on Botanic Avenue. Funding difficulties led to its closure, news stories covering the sale of its seats, and eventually the building was knocked down though the exterior still remains.)

This morning's Belfast Telegraph reports that after a six year break, they'll be back on stage this summer to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Alex Quinn's ballad Belfast (lyrics and chords). In the meantime, the YouTube links in the song titles above can stir your memories.


Andy Boal said...

*blinks* didn't think the Arts Theatre was gone - last I looked the frontage and the shops underneath were still very much there

Alan in Belfast said...

Andy - you're absolutely right - as Streetview proves to me!

Niall said...

I remember going to see Barnbrack at both St Agnes' Parish Hall (Andersonstown) and St Marys' CBS (not the CBGS across the road) on the Glen Road. Very long ago.

They were behind the original Postman Pat theme tune.

Lily said...

I've never seen them, never seen Belfast, never seen Ireland, but I have their CD set "Irish Music and Craic" and it's wonderful. Nice to know they will play again. I'd like to know more about them, but never see much info on the web. I'd like to see a photo of that Arts Theater. Sincerely, Lily Winter in Minnesota, USA

Liz Thow said...

We went to see Barnbrck with my late parents in Eden Court theatre in Inverness(twice),my son was only 12 at the time but he knew the words, and still does, of every song that they sang. Our favourites were the Fly, Alphabet Song, but both my late fathers and my sons favourite was the Galway Shawl, although they never sang the full song. My son still sings these songs around the house 20 years later!!! Great Band