Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stop motion - 60,000 snaps, 9,600 printed - three minutes of genius

Ok - it's an advert for the new Olympus PEN camera. But it's also an incredibly creative film, and anyone who has tried their hand at stop motion animation will appreciate the effort, skill and planning that went into the production.

An incredible 60,000 snaps taken, 9,600 printed and another 1,800 pictures shot again.

Seems to be partly inspired by Takeuchi Taijin's Wolf and Pig animation.


Anonymous said...

been looking at this cool gadget for a while


meant for garden use but could be use for any time lapse work...

Check out the videos on youtube - I think it automatically builds the video onto any usb stick you plug in.

Think its about 150 quid tho - if it was a bit cheaper i would prob buy it on a whim

Alan in Belfast said...

A colleague has had some success with a similar garden camera - Wingscapes BirdCam - (you can see a timelapse demolition).

Matt Hazley said...

This fascinates me every time I see it. The patience that must have went into this... Crazy!!

Connor said...

Brilliant, really really great, think I'm gonna steal it and pop a post on my blog too :P I'll link back to you for putting me on to it... ha ha

animation course said...

this is the most romantic video that I have seen before.