Thursday, September 17, 2009

10 Levels of Intimacy In Today's Communication + real-time train spotting

Ji Lee has a fantastic eye for graphic design - perhaps no surprise that he works for Google. In the 10 Levels of Intimacy In Today’s Communication he illustrates the different levels of intimacy, involvement and barriers involved in modern messaging.

10 Levels of Intimacy In Today’s Communication by Ji Lee

“The digital age has changed the ways in which we share our most important opinions and innermost secrets. We chose different communication platforms depending on the level of intimacy we feel towards the recipient of the message and the nature of the message itself.

The combination of technology and weight of information has given us new rules for just how we communicate with each other. This chart also ponders the question: Do more options to communicate with each other connect us or alienate us more?”

h/t to O’Conall Street.

Ji’s Please Enjoy website is well worth a browse around. Some other gems linked to from there include:

  • Aram Bartholl’s project to transfer a red marker pin from Google Maps to the real physical location; and
  • Imagine a transport system so punctual that you can follow the trains in real-time on a map, accurate even without live GPS data. You won’t be surprised that this independent tool is based around the Swiss railway SBB (Incidentally, SBB’s website is beautifully clear and customer focussed.)

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