Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Skatin' in a Winter Wonderland? Lisburn's ice rink isn't all hot air!

Lisburn City Council

The Ulster Star have unearthed some more details about the £35,000 proposal for Lisburn City Centre to be transformed into a "fabulous winter wonderland this Christmas with plans currently underway to develop an outdoor ice rink in Castle Gardens". The article reports:

"The plans currently being considered would incorporate the 'winter wonderland' themed ice rink into a Farmer's Market planned at Castle Gardens on December 4, which would mean visitors could enjoy a day of Christmas Shopping, visiting a variety of stalls in Castle Gardens, where an exhibition on Lisburn's 400 years would also be set up, before paying a visit to the ice rink."

"The ice rink, which would also be used to attract school groups and families to the city, was originally proposed for Hillsborough. However, councillors suggested hosting the facility in the city centre, particularly as it would prove to be a fitting send off to the 400th Anniversary celebrations."

The council's Economic Development Officer, Paul McCormack, explained:

"Our hope is to have additional stalls linked in with the Farmer's Market on December 4, and if we can link that in then it could be of interest for other stalls and entertainment, although that would not be there every day ... There would be a lot of interest and attraction in the event. Plans are not yet finalised but the council are keen to support such a venture if all the plans can be organised."

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