Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Freeview retuning from lunchtime on Wednesday 30 September

The Freeview website is down this morning … perhaps flooded with hits from people wanting to find out about the Freeview retune that’s coming up tomorrow.

Freeview website kernel erroring

There’s a bit of channel shuffling going on across the different multiplexes in order to make Channel Five available to more people. It’s all part of the larger Digital Switchover choreography that will finally give five the same potential audience as the other four terrestrial channels, and eventually launch a Freeview HD service on one of the multiplexes.

You can get more details at the dedicated TV Re-tune website (which seems better scaled to cope with the demand). Update - TV Re-tune borked on the day of the retune!

On Wednesday 30 September improvements are being made to the Freeview service to pave the way for the digital TV switchover. You will need to re-tune your Freeview TV or box (including BT Vision and Top Up TV) from lunchtime onwards to ensure you continue to receive your available channels, including Channel Five.

Analogue (viewers with just four or five channels), satellite and cable viewers will not be affected.

I don't think it's the end of the world if you don't retune tomorrow. Some people will just notice that they'll lose Channel Five ... and you may get some warning messages popping up on your Freeview box to remind you!

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