Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The dinosaurs will be back ... in 2011: Primeval saved from extinction

Primeval logo

Like its dinosaurs, new life has been breathed into ITV’s Primeval with a recently announced deal.

Back in June, ITV confirmed that there wouldn’t be a third series. The post was titled “The dinosaurs have left the building ... RIP Primeval”.

However, the co-production deal will see two further series produced and airing on ITV1 in early 2011 and shown later on UKTV’s Watch channel, with the fifth series later that year on Watch followed by ITV1.

UKTV is a joint venture between BBC Worldwide (the commercial, non-licence fee-funded subsidiary of the BBC) and Virgin Media Television.

Cue lots of headlines about extinction and resurrection. To me, there’s only so much that you can do with dinosaurs, and Primeval have been through the list a couple of times already during the first three series! On the other hand, the thirteen new episodes will keep a little more science fiction brewing on our screens and will no doubt trigger a rerun of the existing shows during 2010.

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