Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blogtalk 5 - the "What will we do to destroy it?" episode

Yours truly joined the sofa for this week’s Blog Talk alongside Brian, Chris and Donal. (ABCD again!) The fifth episode comes in at 32 minutes long - a mere fraction of some previous episodes - and not a single mention of Twitter!

We covered a wide range of topics, starting with public transport, the proposed public transport agency and the (potential) bridge across the Lagan from the Gasworks to Ormeau Park before moving onto National Museums NI purchasing Edward Carson’s ceremonial uniforms, some thinking about the current political chestnut of “community confidence” and then party conferences and how parties engage with their members and the general public.

Try and guess about which topic I remarked ...

“What will we do to destroy it? How would we wreck that? How would we make that not work?”

You can catch the complete series of Blog Talk over on Vimeo. And if you’d like to find out more or be involved in a future episode, contact carl at northernvisions dot org.

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