Monday, January 18, 2010

Daily Strife - through to the next round of RTE Storyland competition

Daily Strife clapper board - photo by Karl Burke

“Meet Glenn who wants to change his life and leave his wife but daily strife keeps getting in the way.”

RTE Storyland is a competition in its second year for film makers to win an online drama commission. In the first round, entrants had to submit the first two scripts along with a synopsis of the rest of the series, a budget (limited to €8,000 per episode) and a marketing plan.

Six winners impressed the judges and were funded (I hope!) to produce a couple of episodes. Starting at the end of the month – 29 January – online audiences be able to view the first episode from each of the six successful shows and you’ll have a week to vote for their favourites. One show will be voted off, with the rest getting to live on for another week. The second episode will then go online, and the remaining five will face the public vote again.

Daily Strife is through to the final six and is written and directed by Cecilia McAllister and produced by Mairin Murray. It’s the only show in the competition to be commissioned from a company operating in Northern Ireland. But better than that, it looks like a funny concept, and the first couple of episodes throw in snow balls as well as scary men with guns. Normal for this island, huh?

“Glenn has got to the point where he can't make a decision about anything – not even what he'll wear in the morning or what he'll have for breakfast. Played by Jim Roche, Glenn is a cross between Ricky Gervais and Mr Bean.”

If you like what you see, you can become a fan of Daily Strife on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, see behind the scenes, track their progress ... and be reminded when you can vote! And I’m sure Mairin and the team would be delighted if you were impressed and engaged enough to blog and tweet about it and spread the word.

I’ll be following Glenn’s adventures, and Daily Strife’s progress – hopefully long and successful – on the blog over the coming weeks.

Jim Roche playing Glenn in Daily Strife - photo by Karl Burke

Photo credits - Karl Burke.

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