Monday, January 18, 2010

Visit Lisburn ... but is there anything on?

On Saturday, I wondered whether there was anything child-friendly happening in and around Lisburn. While the Farmers’ Market is now on holiday until the spring, the city centre management company has been know to run events and activities for little people and their willing parents. It wasn’t yet time for the regular trip to the library, and while I could hear the Ulster Museum calling, it seemed a shame to pass up something fun nearer to home in the town city centre.

So off to Lisburn City Council’s tourism site –

Home page of tourism site - still showing Christmas light switch on in January

Good sign – the website’s working. But wait, Christmas Light Switch On? Not sure that’s still relevant. Click on Events in Lisburn ...

Not sure Boxing Day race meeting is still relevant in January -

Boxing Day race meeting, Christmas Market, ... no. Seems a little out of date. Up at the top left there’s a link to Events 2010 and then January 2010.

January 2010 events on ... none


More than half way through January and it’s obvious: Lisburn must have abandoned culture and entertainment for 2010. Cost cutting? Blew all the budget on the ice rink? Forgot to ask someone to update the website?

First event in the 2010 calendar is a Garden Show in Hillsborough between 21-23 May, and then you’ve got to wait until sometime in the summer for the Highland Games in Wallace Park.

We went to the Ulster Museum and checked that the mummy was still sleeping!

Update - 21 January - The Visit Lisburn website has been updated - restyled - though there still aren't any January events other than visiting Hilden Brewery which is a hangover (excuse the pun) from December!


Dawn Baird said...

This is mighty annoying on council websites.

Almost as bad as poor navigation or the lack of a search box!!

Have you tried

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Since I posted, they've restyled the site, but still no new events.