Thursday, January 28, 2010

What the Apple iPad tells us about technology evolution and miniaturisation!

I wasn't going to mention the new Apple iPad, but then I stumbled across this evolutionary slide!

It shouldn't come as a surprise that compared to the latest iPhone 3GS handset (16GB is around £450 Pay As You Go), the iPad seems relatively cheap (16GB/wifi iPad likely to be priced about £390, with the 3G version an extra £100).

The iPad's larger display is obviously more expensive, but that is offset by all the extra room inside the case that negates the need for component miniaturisation.

And the 3G version of the iPad comes with Assisted-GPS, which should allow for some comedy-sized car mount kits! At the moment, the iBook Store will only work in the US. Will be interesting to see how quickly international deals are put in place with publishers, and whether it's possible to import in ePub books that haven't been purchased through the iBook store.

Of course, the notion of an Apple iPad wasn't entirely new ... and Apple's PR department obviously took a risk that we'd get over the iTampon jokes quite quickly (and they'd be able to sort out the trademark issue with Fujitsu).

(Thanks to @janeruffino. Happy to update and acknowledge the source of the Evolution poster if an owner can be traced!)

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