Friday, February 12, 2010

video :: A Plastic Rose - Kid’s Don’t Behave Like This

You may or may not have heard of them, but A Plastic Rose are a band who describe themselves as

“purveyors of mid nineties post-hardcore tinged ‘Catchy Alternative Rock‘®, rooted firmly in late naughties peacetime Belfast, where they have been cutting their teeth on the northern front since August 2006”

One-shot wonder Matthew Alexander Patton teamed up with them to make a video to accompany their new single (are they still called singles?) Kid’s Don’t Behave Like This.

I can only imagine the planning, rehearsals and repeated takes to get this so good. Patton describes the video on his blog:

“The video was structured entirely to highlight the journey and crescendo of the music, whilst at the same time really driving home the idea of being together to enjoy something – Gerry’s journey takes him from practice, past other bands, buskers, through fanfare and eventually it all leads into the party at the end. Everyone in the video is a fan or close friend of the band, and so it is special to be able to point and say here is an event which brought people together to celebrate what music is all about.

It was very important to populate the world that the video depicts. If it was empty of life, it wouldn’t work. So making everything look chaotic, overlap and fold back in on itself was a design point that we kept aiming towards. Hopefully, you enjoy it and it mirrors the energy of the music – perhaps even enhancing your view of a band who deserve at the very least, your passing attention.”

(H/t to Stuart Bailie’s blog post)

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