Monday, March 22, 2010

The Espresso Book Machine - books on demand

We live in an impatient Martini society in which many of us demand instant gratification and one-click ordering and delivery of all our material wants.

Picture the scene. You've come out of the house without your internet-ready smart phone and you call into your local book store - assuming it's still in business - but it doesn't have the title you're looking for.

No problem. Look no further than the Espresso Book Machine sitting in the corner of the store. The good folks at On Demand Books are marketing an instant publishing solution that prints, binds and trims a book while you wait.

h/t Future Perfect Publishing blog.


Luke said...

I don't like to flame, but this should of course be 'Espresso'.

Ivor Whitten said...

fantastic idea. interesting to find out if it catches on though.

Alan in Belfast said...

Luke - I've been found out as a tea drinker again. Spelling fixed. Thanks.

Norwin! said...

That looks so cool! Pre-printed books are so boring in comparison.