Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Potto, Hilda ... and Archie - new Muppet joins second series of Sesame Tree

Filming of the second series of children's programme Sesame Tree is underway in Northern Ireland, and a new cast member has just been announced by Sesame Workshop and the local production company Sixteen South.


Joining the main two stars from the first series - Potto and Hilda (pictured below) - with their unbashfully broad accents is a young squirrel muppet called Archie (short for Archimedes). He'll be the one with the bushy tail, glasses and the catchphrase of "Sweetily deet".

"He is truly delighted to be friends with Potto and Hilda and loves the fact that every day in the Sesame Tree is filled with laughter, singing, learning and lots of silliness."

Quite likely that local puppeteer Mike Smith shares this view with his character Archie!

In the second series of Sesame Tree, we'll see Archie out and about with Hilda, as his friends "encourage him to be less afraid if he’s frightened of something – or help him to prepare for a new challenge".

It'll be "beezer" to see Sesame Tree back on Cbeebies at the end of 2010.

Sesame Tree promotes messages of respect and understanding through engaging educational content that encourages children to explore and appreciate the world around them.

(Image copyright Sesame Workshop and used with permission.)

Sesame Tree Northern Ireland publicity shot - cropped from BBC News website version


Ruth Elkin said...

He looks like Hilda with smaller ears :oS

Ruth Elkin said...

oh and glasses too

Alan in Belfast said...

I had to check too to make sure it wasn't just Hilda with glasses. (Added the original shot of Potto and Hilda at the end of the post for comparison.)

Colin WIlliams said...

Oh, he's very very different from Hilda - you'll love him!

Moochin Photoman said...

They were filming down at the Circus School a few weeks ago so maah boy may well be making an appearance

Anonymous said...

Love this show! Any chance of the first series coming out on DVD? I have young relatives around the world who would love to see it.