Monday, July 19, 2010

Guerilla knitting hits the Waterfront flock

It's not the first time the sheep (and shepherd) in front of the Waterfront Hall have been decorated.

In March last year they adopted red noses to coincide with Comic Relief.

But over the last few days, someone has taken pity on them standing out in the summer rain and made them more cosy ... as well as more colourful.

I'm not sure whether it's related to the Trans / Urban Arts Academy festival running in the Waterfront - maybe the weekend Clothes Customisation course? - or whether it's an unrelated act of guerilla knitting? But I'm sure someone will know and comment.

Update - local legend Moochin Photoman has the story of "yarn bombed as part of Craft Month organised by Craft NI" ... and BBC NI News Online!


Wondering said...


That should make the builders opposite regret stealing the limelight from the woolly herd.

Gary said...

This is part of the run up to Craft Week.

WonderMike said...

That's truly a thing of fabulous beauty!

anita said...

just fab!!