Monday, July 19, 2010

Living in a small wooden box for a year - practical architecture!

Replica of Kan Isaacs' micro home - Urban Nomad

Asked to picture a "small scale, portable dwelling" and you may think of a caravan or a modest motor-home. Think again!

Student Alec Farmer's interest in the 1960/1970's Urban Nomad architecture movement is about to move from theory to practice.

He has created a replica of a 50 year old design from Ken Isaacs (author of How To Build Your Own Living Structures) and he plans to live in it, in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland, for one year starting in September.

Alec Farmer sitting inside his replica Ken Isaacs' micro home - Urban Nomad

I think Alec is being fair when he describes Isaacs' design as

"smaller than architecture but bigger than furniture"

Considerably smaller than the micro-compact homes I blogged about in October 2008. You can follow Alec's experience (as well as catch up on the build process) on his UN v2.0 blog.

(Attribution - photos in this post taken from UN v2.0.)

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