Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mass crime scene in Belfast - 2pm at Custom House Square

A couple of weeks ago in a post previewing this summer's Trans festival, I mentioned the the Vent Collective’s latest participative art project – No VENTilation – creating an enormous crime scene somewhere in Belfast.

Quick reminder that it's taking place in Custom House Square at 2pm on Sunday 18 July. Come along, bring your friends, lie down in a "murderous pose" and get ready to have your outline chalked as part of the giant. There will be a time lapse film of the mass participation event.

And don't forget that the Through The Viewfinder exhibition (featuring the work of Moochin Photoman and other TTV photographers) is still running upstairs in the Waterfront. On the final evening, Saturday 24, you can go along and collect your favourite image and take it home with you.

(Image from a previous event near the Waterfront / Hilton Hotel in May - from the No Ventilation Facebook page.)

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