Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Streets Ahead - aMazing

Maze built in London's Trafalgar Square

Recently a 30m x 20m labyrinth of laurel and thuja hedges was built in London's Trafalgar Square. (I'm glad to see that this public space is still being used for madcap schemes!) People were being encouraged to enter the maze and explore the different parts - named after areas of the West End - and make their way to the entertainment being showcased in the middle.

Belfast's city centre has turned into is a bit of a maze too.

It takes a lot to re-route parades in Belfast, but the Department of Social Development's four year Streets Ahead project to tart up Belfast's street-scape has managed to keep both the Twelfth marchers as well as Gay Pride from walking up Royal Avenue past the front of Marks and Spencer.

These days, trying to navigate your way from Burger King to WH Smith and then across the road to Boots nearly requires the kind of GPS set-up you can see in my previous post.

(Photo by Ian Nichol via Flickr)

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