Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tinkling the ivories of a street piano in Belfast

A street piano, not in Belfast

Brush up on your Chopsticks! Street pianos have been around for a quite a while, but now they're coming to Belfast.

Craft NI have a large programme of events during August, which started with the yarn bombing of the sheep in front of the Waterfront Hall. Their next wheeze to make us smile and enjoy our normal environment is a musical art installation “Play Me, I’m Yours” by artist Luke Jerram.

Ten street pianos will be left on the streets and in the parks of Belfast between 14 and 28 August for anyone and everyone to enjoy: Belfast City Hall, Commercial Court, Corn Market Sculpture, Cotton Court, First Presbyterian Church, Linen Hall Library, Northern Bank Building, St Anne's Square, Tesco on Royal Avenue, Writers Square.

"The pianos have been rescued, restored to working order and decorated by local artists, community groups and charities, all of whom have offered their time for free. This is the first time the artwork has been presented in Ireland."

The Play Me I'm Yours website for players and listeners "to post their comments, films and photos about the pianos." At the end of the two weeks, the pianos will be donated to local schools and community groups ... or stolen and moved into student flats!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I've seen these pianos dotted around Belfast. They tempt 'Play me, I'm yours'. But every single one is padlocked shut.

Alan in Belfast said...

Think it launches tomorrow - Saturday 14th