Friday, October 01, 2010

Refreshing a council website – Limavady canvassing your views

Limavady Borough Council logo

Over the years I’ve been quite hard on local council websites. March’s Socitm report on council websites across the UK wasn’t very positive about Northern Ireland’s performance.

But it’s good to see that Paul who looks after Limavady Borough Council’s website is taking their site’s refresh seriously, and thinking through the issues that the council faces online. Three cheers for Limavady!

And I know Paul would welcome your comments and suggestions on how they could improve how the council serve the public online up in the Sperrins and the Roe Valley.


Voz Media said...

I've coincidently been researching various district council websites today and, I must admit, was not particularly impressed.

This seems to be a step in the right direction though. Fair play to Limavady for thinking about the user at this stage. A lot of public service website seem to do so much further down the line...

Paul Beattie said...

Alan I've only just realised you've put this post up - it's been a long week and much of it spent away-from-keyboard. Many thanks for this - it would explain a couple of emails I've received.

All the best