Friday, October 01, 2010

Something (but not much) for the weekend

Not much! Do drop a comment below if there’s something big happening in Belfast or Lisburn that I haven’t stumbled over. In the meantime, it looks like a relatively quiet weekend.

One Man lord of teh Rings

683 minutes of film, 1,216 pages of book ... all condensed into a 70 minute performance. Charles Ross performs his tribute to Tolkien – One Man Lord of the Rings – in the Waterfront Studio on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 October at 7.30pm. Watch out for the orcs.

Life Shop Till You Drop

I posted about the comedy Life Shop Till You Drop when it played in the black Box as part of the 2009 Out to Lunch festival. The show’s back in Lisburn’s Island Arts Centre at 8pm on Friday 1.

Clodagh Reid plays self help-obsessed Ailish McGovern who promotes classy lines like “If you shoot for the stars you might just get off the ground.”

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