Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kinoteka: Polish Film Festival (25-31 March)

The 5th annual Polish Film Festival – Kinoteka –is squeezing in before the larger Belfast Film Festival at the end of the month. Running from Friday 25 to Thursday 31 March, the QFT will show a different Polish film each night.

Still from film Essential Killing

Friday night’s opening film is sure to be popular. Essential Killing is an allegorical tale about a man captured by US forces in Afghanistan and subject to interrogation and rendition. In the course of his journey through an unnamed European country, he escapes and is pursued across an uninhabitable snow-covered landscape. What follows is a game of survival, pitting one man against the elements in a heroic battle to stay alive. Written and directed by Jerzy Skolimowski, the film won the Special Jury Prize and Best Actor awards at the 2010 Venice Film Festival.

5th Polish Film Festival in Belfast 2011

Saturday’s screening of Wonderful Summer takes a more light-hearted subject: a comedy about a stonemason’s daughter with extraordinary abilities to communicate with the dead! The final film – Made in Poland – is “a gritty angry statement on youthful radicalism adapted from a highly successful stage play” in which a rebellions young man searches for guidance and authority in the new post-Communist Poland, challenging his priest, his teacher and even local gangsters to show him the way … until love saves the day!

5th Polish Film Festival in Belfast 2011

Different languages and cultures offer varying lenses through which to view the world and common human experiences. Some European cinematic treats not to be missed!

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