Monday, November 21, 2011

East Belfast Speaks Out postponed until early 2012

East Belfast Speaks Out 2011

The East Belfast Speaks Out event scheduled for Wednesday 30 November has been postponed by its organisers until early 2012. The date ended up clashing with the public sector strike which would affect the venue, Ashfield Boys School.

Given the increasing support for industrial action (such as the NASUWT vote last Friday), we thought it wise to seek advice about the potential difficulties involved in going forward with our debate event on 30th November, the day of the proposed strike.

Unfortunately that advice has led us to the very disappointing conclusion that it would probably be best for all concerned if we were to cancel the event for next Wednesday and seek to re-schedule it for some time early in the new year. This is now our intention.

We hope you will do everything you can to let others know that the event East Belfast Speaks Out will now not take place as originally planned, since we really don’t want people to show up and be disappointed on the night. Needless to say, as organisers we greatly regret the need for postponement.

We will be in touch again with details of the re-scheduled debate just as soon as we have had the chance to assure ourselves of the availability of all the panellists.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

When is the price not the price? B&Q's misleading 5 for 4 pricing poster

Five for four poster in B&Q

Sprucefield B&Q are running a "buy four get one free offer" for loft panelling. Given the poster above, having lugged five packs onto a trolley and over to the checkout, would you be surprised if the bill came to over £20?

Turns out that the pricing poster is displaying the average price for five packs when you pay for four at the full price of £5.80, an is not stating the unit price you pay for 'each'. In smaller than small print in the bottom right corner of the poster (see below) it explains "£5.80 when sold individually" ... not that there's any option to buy them any other way than individually.

A misleading price? Or just a very badly formatted poster that "was sent by head office"? Maybe Trading Standards should decide ...

Friday, November 04, 2011


As a child, I used to look out the window on the evening of 5 November to see the fireworks display that was set off from the nearby army base. In recent years, I remember flying back home from England and being able to watch fireworks displays from above, little pin pricks of explosions, mushrooming over the English conurbations.

Last night, along with many local people, I got to see the army's display - held in conjunction with Lisburn City Council, and with its mayor Councillor Brian Heading (SDLP) in attendance.

Update - Oban's community fireworks display suffered a technical hitch, setting off the entire display in the first 60 seconds ...