Monday, January 29, 2007

Apple ads

Each time Steve Jobs takes to the stage to introduce the drooling press and public to the latest Apple gizmo, he shows a "PC and Mac" advert.

Now Apple UK have produced a local version - which can be checked out at - using Mitchell and Webb from the Channel 4 comedy show I can't remember the name of! (Update: "Peep Show" I'm reminded.)

But from the look of the ad in this morning's Guardian, Mitchell makes the perfect uncool and boring PC, while Webb has the flair and X factor (OS X factor!) to be a Mac.

Except they're both twits.

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John Self said...

It's Peep Show.

I disagree that they're both twits. David Mitchell is one of those naturally funny men who brightens everything he appears on - like Rob Brydon or Rick Gervais. Robert Webb on the other hand (both in life and in Peep Show) is entirely expendable. When will Mitchell realise he's been carrying him for years?

As a recent Mac convert I might be expected to like the ads, but I don't. They seem pointless knocking copy, most of it unjustified, with only occasional exceptions like the stuff about viruses. I mean, nobody really thinks of PCs as being primarily a business machine. It's also slightly pathetic the way they use a cool good looking young person to represent the Mac, and a portly comb-over in a suit for the PC - I'm talking about the US ads by the way, as I haven't seen the UK versions. In laptops anyway, there are plenty of nice Sonys and Toshibas which can compete with a Macbook on looks.