Saturday, January 27, 2007

Planes, trains and automobiles … but will there be a Ka?

Sunset at Stansted airportThe setting sun reflected prettily in the terminal window as we taxied away from the stand at London Stansted last night. The last leg of the latest three day journey that saw me enduring a total of two flights, four trains, 2 trips on the tube, six taxis, two bus rides and a one way hire car to get back to Stansted last night.

Plane, train, tube, taxi … you can sit back and enjoy the ride. No steering. It’s all out of your control. But the drive back to the airport? It’s only 55 miles, so I’d booked a Class A car, the smallest in the Hertz range.

So when I picked up the keys from the building’s reception on Friday morning, what did I find? Class A could have been a Ford Ka, or a Fiat Panda. (I’ve been booking Class A cars for the last few months in a bid to get to drive a Ka, but have ended up with a selection of dud Pandas and the odd Ford Focus.)

Would my dream be fulfilled today?

I walked out the car park, scanned the licence plates until I found the number on the key fob. Class A today = a stonking big Vauxhall Vectra. Some how they’d skipped from A up to D, and delivered a tank.

The dream continues. However, to make up for the disappointment, moving through Stansted airport at 3 o’clock in the afternoon was a delight compared to previous experiences. Air Berlin were even on time, and I got a snooze as it flapped its wings back to St George’s Belfast City Airport.

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Anonymous said...

When I get a hire car I usually end up with a small Vauxhall Astra. I recently lent a Vauxhall of a mate, while driving another motorist hit me and drove off. Rather than letting the insurance go up for us I decided I would pay for it not relising how expensive Vauxhall spare parts can be. May that be a lesson to all who wan a Vauxhall.
Hope you had a great time.