Thursday, January 04, 2007

Search gems - and a few stats

The strangest google search that ended up on this blog for quite some time:

While we're in statistics overload, of the last 100 visitors to Alan in Belfast:

  • 47% used Internet Explorer (27% on IE 6.*, 20% on IE 7.0)
  • 41% used Firefox (or Mozilla)
  • 11% used Safari
  • 1% Opera

And in terms of operating systems:

  • 84% Windows XP
  • 11% Mac OS X
  • 2% Microsoft Vista
  • 1% Linux
  • 1% Windows 98
  • 1% other
(c) TiinaTeaSpoon via Flickr

Oh, and the monitor resolutions of the snapshot of 100 visitors ranged from 800x600 (10%) up to a massive 1680x1050 (4%).

Before you get worried about your privacy, these stats are sent out every time you request to download a page from a webserver. (Some browsers will allow you to spoof some of the data. Opera is usually underreported as people set it to pretend to be IE to increase compatibility.)

As well a flood of seasonal hits looking for GPS devices, some of the other search terms include:

as well as a flood for

1 comment:

John Self said...

Gosh, those are pretty high hits for Firefox and Safari. I'm a mongrel user. At work (as now) I'm on IE6.x. At home 1.0 (my increasingly unoccupied apartment: but it's alarmed, burglars!) I'm on Firefox on Windows. At home 2.0 (my fiancée's house) I'm on Firefox on Mac OS X.

As a recent mover-to-Mac, compatibility has been a concern for me lately. Just this week I succumbed and finally bought Office for the Mac, after discovering that although Apple's Pages word processor can open MS Word documents, Word will not open Pages docs, so any I create on my Mac would be unreadable by anyone else. Typical Microsoft.

Incidentally, I went for the Student edition of Office Mac, at £80, saving £200 on the Standard edition. I could justify this as my fiancée is doing a masters at the minute from home, but I was a little surprised to find on installing it that they don't ask for any confirmation or proof of student status. Looks like a loophole to me.