Thursday, March 15, 2007

Views of Parliament ... and a mobile base station

Back in London again this week, and back in a hotel that will be nice when it’s finished! The builders are still in, working their way through the snag list, finishing off the restaurant, and tuning the air conditioning and TV system. (One doesn’t cool, the other freezes and pixelates.)

Out the window, you can just make out the illuminated top of the Houses of Parliament and the Clock Tower housing Big Ben. Makes a change from the illuminated view of Stormont that used to be able to see from home.

And if you’ve ever wanted to see a mobile base station, there’s one on top of the adjacent building.

It may explain why the air con doesn’t make much impact (though I suspect it may be to do with the stone walls facing the sun, and the way they act as big storage heaters). Maybe it also explains why unlike some of the other rooms in the hotel, this one didn’t have a microwave!

Oh, and an update on the mouse that I saw last week. Apparently it had at least a couple of friends, and as a consequence the crisps and nuts have been removed from the hotel bar, and traps have been set.

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