Saturday, May 17, 2008

A furry G-Wiz and two examples of (continuing) good customer service

It had been months since I’d been staying overnight in London and able to get out and about in the evening. So I escaped on a number 55 bus over to Tottenham Court Road (though the bus stopped prematurely due to the fatal stabbing earlier in the evening) and toddled down to Chinatown.

Furry G-Wiz outside Yungs Chinese restaurant in London's Chinatown

And outside Yungs was a furry automobile. G-Wiz cars are becoming quite common in London. Four people can cram into the skinny battery-power cars. Though none of them could be too comfortable. But the furry decal was something special.

Inside Yungs, they still remembered by “usual” order and displayed their customary friendliness.

The Curzon Soho once again displayed their instinctive level of customer service when I tried to use a complimentary voucher to get in to see Persepolis. I’d been carrying the voucher around with my Oyster Card for months. But being across in London a lot less regularly than last year, it’d been quite a while since I’d been over the Curzon.

It was only as I pulled the voucher out of its wallet to hand it over that I noticed that it had expired on the fourth of April. My face sank as I realised I’d missed the boat. But when I explained, mercy was swift, and they were happy to accept the voucher and let me in for free.

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