Sunday, April 09, 2006

iPod Nano lanyard is dead ... long live the replacement (fingers crossed)

It's was one of the features that finally tipped me onto Apple iPod gravy train. A lanyard that doubled as the headphone cable, allowing the Nano to be worn around my neck on planes, trains and automobiles tubes without lots of trailing leads.

In fact, I reckoned that the all-in-one design stood a lot less chance of breaking - as there's very little thin plastic cable just waiting to be yanked out of its socket.

Tonight, I was proved wrong. Less than eight months old, the left earpiece turned intermittent, and only holding the cable at a certain angle would fix the break. So it'll be a phone call to AppleCare in the morning to see if they'll repair/replace by lanyard. Going to be difficult if they ask for a serial number - it's so small, there isn't one stamped on it, and the packaging was thrown out months ago!

UPDATE: It was quite painless ...

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