Monday, June 26, 2006

Anything you'd like to say to the car behind?

Over the years I've often had the conversation with my Dad that it would be good to be able to send messages to other drivers on the road.

There's only so much you can convey with gesticulation, flashing lights, tooting your horn and driving aggressively.

For a more refined and specific messaging capability, the solution has always looked like having to fit a scrolling message bar on the front and back window - not a viable or practical solution.

But revolution is only around the corner.

An Australian firm have come with a device (pictures at top of post) - they call it the Driv-e-mocion - that can send a variety of predefined messages (ie, it's not user programmable) via a wireless remote to the sign stuck to your rear windscreen.

It's not perfect - doesn't seem to cover your bulb's blown, baby on board or maniac - but it's progress.

via Shiny Shiny


John Self said...

Ooh, how I would love one of these. On second thoughts, no, as I would spend my journeys thinking up ways to respond to all those people (ie pretty much everyone on the road) who irritate me when driving. Probably just as well it's not user-programmable, otherwise I would lose control of my car while frantically keying in things like "I see that by driving up my arse you are determined to perpetuate the stigma associated with the BMW marque." Etc. etc. for a very long time indeed.

Anonymous said...

Seems like to much of a distraction. As if it isn't bad enough with people driving too close for no reason... now they'll be up your bumper to read a ridiculous sequence of scrolling text.