Monday, August 07, 2006

Technology Camp

Postings will be fairly sporadic this week. Off helping run a Technology Camp for PCI in South Belfast where nine teenagers are getting a chance to learn about audio and video editing, blogs and podcasts etc. And they’ll also be thinking about our identity in God.

Last night should have been uneventful as the campers were only arriving this morning. Just a lot of kit to lug about, rig up a network, and film/edit a quick intro video.

However, the night’s “highlight” was the fire alarm which went off at 5.30am. We’re based in a hall of residence, and every bedroom has its own alarm klaxon. The noise was so loud that it was paralysing. I found my brain spending all its time trying to screen out the noise that there was no compulsion to actually getting out of bed and evacuating. Maybe alarms can be too loud.

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