Tuesday, October 17, 2006

CBeebies Live! rip off – discrimination or understandable?

You’ll all join me in being aghast that the CBeebies Live! tour is charging £2 more for each ticket for their Belfast Odyssey Arena show than all the other locations across the UK.

There’s a standard price (+ local booking fees) for all of the other venues (Cardiff, Nottingham, Sheffield, Wembley, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow) ... except Belfast, which is exactly £2 dearer.

Why? Passing on the transport charge? Is the Odyssey sticking its arm in? Is it normal for concerts to be dearer in Belfast than other UK venues?

It’s unbelievable that the cost of each of the other non-Belfast events is identical. So the prices have probably been averaged out. So why not include Belfast in that?

Makes be a lot less inclined to arrange a 6 January 2007 treat to see the Bobinogs and Balamory in action.

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Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

The answer that came back from BBC Worldwide was that the Belfast price included the booking fee (policy for quoting Odyssey ticket prices), while the other venues added booking fees on top of the quoted ticket price at time of purchase.

Still could have explained that on the leaflets and made it look less unfair!