Monday, October 30, 2006

UN Security Council - Ding Ding Round 42

While we await the NI political machinations to come to their next conclusion in November, let’s cast our eyes over to the United Nations.

In a bid to break to the deadlock over the vote for the Latin American and Caribbean seat on the UN Security Council, Venezuela started to give chocolates to voting delegates. Lobby for the sweet tooth vote. After all, everyone has a vice.

Then they turned up the heat, bringing what the Independent described as “a crack team of Latin lovelies to charm those in need of a little gentle persuasion”. Someone in the UN commented that “they’re not quite scantily clad”.

I suppose it makes a change from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez calling George Bush “the devil”. But it’s unlikely to be the straw that breaks the camel’s impasse.

After a total of 41 rounds, Guatemala and Venezuela continue to fail to get a significant enough share of the vote.

But there is news of a compromise. Venezuela has suggested that both countries should withdraw and allow Bolivia to stand instead. But Guatemala isn’t ready yet to step aside for Venezuela’s political ally. Other potential substitutes include Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

But at the moment, no one winning is better than one side loosing. Watch this space to see if this game of Risk ever finishes.

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Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Updated following 31 October voting. No sign of Bolivia yet. After 47 rounds, still Guatemala 101, Venezuela 78, Barbados 1, Ecuador 1, Uruguay 1, Abstentions 7. No one at the magic 122 threshold yet.

Voting continues indefinitely, and the seats only become vacant on 31 December, so there is plenty of time yet!

Should be more voting today!