Thursday, November 30, 2006

Novelty DAB Radios - Pure's Marshall Amp!

Imagine squeezing a Pure Evoke-1 DAB Radio and a small Marshall guitar amp into your microwave and set it to fizzle for 10 minutes. Ding! When you open the door, the melted fusion that will greet you (along with the noxious fumes - please don’t try this at home) will look something like the newly launched Pure Evoke-1XT Marshall DAB radio.

Complete with a button dedicated to the Planet Rock station. (Though you’ll not be able to catch that station on the Northern Ireland multiplex.)

What next? Well, the Stuff magazine podcast (variable quality) suggested that Pure could bring out a DAB radio “shaped like a book that just plays [BBC] Radio 7 and OneWord”.


David Todd said...

After reading this I'm nearly getting in the mood to mess about with my Marshall PA system and start plugging everything in to it just for Christmas. Before you could even import flashing Christmas lights I'd mine wired up to a sound and light unit. Oh I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit now... Open another bottle ;-)

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Or what about a Smokey Amp?!

David Todd said...

I used to love abusing punters with a smoke machine.

I also remember a real 'smokey amp'. We'd finished at either 1 or 2 am playing at Moscow army camp (near Shorts) The army (or navy) kept the music going and used there own gear. Unfortunately for them after about 5 minutes the smoke started to come out of their amp, which put a dampner on the rest of the night for them.

On a similar theme to your post I think VW have a car now you can plug an electric guitar into and play through it's speakers.

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