Saturday, November 18, 2006

A reflection on visiting the San Francisco

The office block in the picture is partially built on stilts over the edge of a lake. The reflection in the still water is even more picturesque at night when they leave some of the lights on. (Maybe just to tease the environment with a little more energy usage!)

But another consequence of having too much land is the temptation to have too many artificial lakes, particularly sited in front of impressive office blocks.

It makes walking to work such a pain, forcing you to skirt half way around these oversized puddles to get access to the front door of the building you want.

OK, so big deal. No one walks anywhere in the US. Cars, big cars, and pick-up trucks rule. So putting a lake in the way doesn’t matter.

But when you can see your destination from the hotel car park, it seems a shame not to make the ten minute walk. Turned out we needed to circumnavigate two lakes (one with a huge fountain) to reach our destination each morning.


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