Monday, March 12, 2007

The Hot Spot

Back in December, I mentioned Ballyhackamore’s The Hot Spot chippie in a post about the possible sale of a row of Upper Newtownards Road shop units to developers.

I’d mentioned the shop’s recent makeover, and John Self followed up with a question about the height of the counter.

> “the chippie that’s just invested in a new counter”

And a wonderfully idiosyncratic piece of signage above the name - the leaping fish with the words Cod Almighty below it - and, most entertainingly for my money, the tiny words “Ohh yess” coming out of its mouth. And does the counter need to be seven feet high??

Well, Sharon from The Hot Spot emailed AiB recently.

Turns out that she and her husband (who I think may even have run as an independent candidate in East Belfast in the 2003 Assembly elections) took over the chip shop in July, have given it a quick makeover and got rid of the grill that used to cook/heat the burgers. She challenged me to go back.

And on Saturday night I did.

Lovely Hawaiian Burger. Good chips. Fast. Tasted better than the normal fare from Arnolds up the road. Using grated cheese rather than a plastic slice was a nice touch.

And Sharon was right. The high counter does protect customers from splattered with hot oil. Guess it looks higher than some other chippies since there’s no see-through section at the top to watch the onion rings and battered sausages.

“So instead of comments about the counter why don’t you come in and try the food, as the counter does not effect the taste ...”
I did, and I’d recommend it. Sits nicely alongside the excellent Orient Chinese takeaway up the street.


Anonymous said...

I still think the counter is pretty high, though. The food is great but it can be quite difficult if you are small!

Happy birthday by the way to your blog!

Anonymous said...

i would disagree. I eat in arnolds all the time and its the best grub in belfast!!!!

Anonymous said...

Arnolds best grub in Belfast! you must be joking even Arnold eats at the hot spot! seen him with the Fonz and Elvis after they dandered over from the Point:-)Does anyone Remember Franco from the Golden (slipper)Grill Chippy at the Hack? (near Bethany St.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all who are puzzled I should have mentioned the Golden Grill closed Many years ago.Franco and Father were Norman Hill`s (Hot spot)one time rival.

big shelly said...

i ate out of that dirty hole the hot spot and sat on the loo all night after a disgusting greasy fish supper the cheeky bitch on the counter had dandruff on her shoulders stay away someone call the health and safety!

Anonymous said...

the hotspots food is so good it has closed down ha ha