Thursday, August 02, 2007

ConstantComedy ... everyone's doing material

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And if you crave for even more on-demand on-screen entertainment, check out Jett Loe's Project X, recently revealed as ConstantComedy by Belfast's Wild Rover production company.

It's a kind of YouTube for stand-up entertainment with a twist, where users submit comedy clips which are then broadcast (streamed) to people logged onto the site, who get the chance to simultaneously rate them. To get the site up and running, it's been seeded with stand-up material that they've filmed over the last couple of months. Northern Ireland Screen's news article explains it:

At the core of ConstantComedy is an exciting new way to enjoy online content – Synchronized Interactive Comedy – a breakthrough technology which ensures that you and your friends are watching and voting for the same video at the same time (second by second).

Each video gets shown for 20 seconds before voting starts. After that, if the crowd rating drops below 30% for more than five seconds, the video is voted off. While you’re watching, you can post live comments – to be seen instantly by other viewers.

And I guess there'll be more content added from the 60th Edinburgh Fringe festival this month - the estimated 18,626 performers involved in 31,000 performances of 2,050 shows, 30% if which are comedy, should have a few laughs to share with the online world.

Or maybe you'll want to do some material and see how it rates?

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David Todd said...

I tried logging on to create an account the other day but it didn't work for me. Hopefully they get everything sorted before the Ed festival.