Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Replacing a nipple ... with a whole new keyboard!

Laptop nipple pointer

Laptop users fall into different camps: those who love their track pad, those who love their nipple-like joy stick pointers, and those who just prefer to plug in a mouse.

A friend had worn out the nipple on his laptop and phoned the helpdesk to see if they could post him out a replacement. In older laptops, the rubber nipples could be eased off, and replacements pushed on.

No. Not this model. The nipple was a integral part of the keyboard (not intended to wear down to the metal stud underneath.)

Instead, the helpdesk arranged an appointment for an engineer who came out this morning and replaced the entire keyboard!

Wasteful or what?

A whole new keyboard to replace a nipple pointer


Anonymous said...

I'm defiantly in the third camp. The only purpose of the laptop track-pad is to install a mouse driver.

Anonymous said...

I think that nipple thing serves as a mouse. But wait, there's a trackpad already installed. That defeats the purpose!