Thursday, September 27, 2007

Barclays Bank ... in Ballyhackamore?

Who'd have thought that East Belfast's Ballyhackamore would need a branch of Barclays on the Upper Newtownards Road?

Is there something they know that we don't?


Anonymous said...

I noticed this the other day whilst trundling along (wonder if I ever pass the faceless AIB as I do!). Used to be the Woolich or something didn't it? Can't be sure. The banks and building societies round there change so often.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Barclays took over Woolwich some time ago but only now have they decided to scrap all the Woolwich branches. Presumably there's a Barclays in Castle Place as well now.

PS: I wonder why the instructions on html tags below this comment window are in German? "Sie k├Ânnen HTML-Tags verwenden, z. B. ..."

Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Blogger seems to have a bug (or two). Despite having the blog language set to English, various Blogger messages (including the one given on successfully publishing a post) turn up in (mostly) German.