Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Incongruity* - communication in the modern world

Sitting in a room this morning, squeezed around an oval table with eleven colleagues. Two from west coast US, one from Europe, five from Northern Ireland, one from Scotland, and the rest - the minority - from England.

That must be why the room's in London.

We're discussing a product's development and future roadmap with the vendor. Couple of late flights and lack of a projector delayed the start of the meeting.

The room has a ceiling to floor blue/green curtain against one wall. The opposite wall is dominated by two huge Tandberg monitors, with a camera sitting.

Aha. Someone booked the video conference suite ... but just to get a room, not actually to use its technology.

Pity we didn't know that was the room in question. Then we could have sat in a room with a ceiling to floor curtain in Belfast, and appeared on the screen instead of sitting in front of the monitors.

* Incongruous, but not ironic.

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