Monday, October 01, 2007

BFS - less than 10 minutes kerbside to airside

Congratulations Belfast International Airport!

Yup - you read that last line correctly.

After years of whinging about the car parks, the queues, the fact that Starbucks couldn't get their staff to arrive early enough to open their cafe, I'm pleased to report that it took a mere 9 minutes to get from the car park (07:15), through security and over to the air side Starbucks (07:24).

With four lanes operating, the queue at security kept moving at walking speed - despite the rush of people arriving for flights after eight.

In fact it nearly took longer to move along the length of the Starbucks counter, pay and add copious quantities of milk than it did to navigate the airport.

And good job bmibaby offer online check in too.

(Bad job that easyJet's new hold baggage policy charges a minimum of £2 for baggage - even if you have no hold baggage to check-in. Can't see how to remove it from the booking. Feels like a variation on theft!)

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Anonymous said...

Had a similar experience last week in gatwick. After spending an average of 25 mins in the dead, slow and stop security line over the past few mths I made it in about 2 mins! Oh and that includes shoes and belt removal. Sadly I think it was a freak moment - rather than take credit the security personnel seemed as bemused as i did.